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STEM ideas for half-term

Half-term is just around the corner and we know how difficult it is to keep the kids entertained and away from their screens… Here are some ideas that will not only get them out and about but also help them learn about STEM in real-life settings.

Visit a museum

Whether you head to one of the country’s leading national museums or stay local, there will be so much information for your children to devour while they enjoy the exhibits and get transported back in time. Step back in time with the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, take part in experiments at the Science Museum or help them sharpen their drawing skills with Keswick’s Pencil Museum. There’s so much to explore and they all have STEM elements to consider.

Go on a nature hunt

Head to the local park, forest, fields or trail and encourage your budding David Attenboroughs to look at the nature surrounding them. Whether it’s the trees and wildlife or bugs and other animals – on land or in the water – they can learn about biology.

Conduct science experiments at home

Concoct potions in the bath, make a baking soda volcano or taste the rainbow with a food platter that represents every colour. Being indoors doesn’t mean there aren’t endless possibilities.

Head to a farm

Another trip with a main focus on animals and biology, but you can also encourage the children to think of the engineering that goes into the mechanics of a tractor or combine harvester.

Take a trip to a theme park – but think about it scientifically

We know theme parks are all about the roller coasters, sweet treats and character meets for the kids but ask them to think about how the rides work from a technical viewpoint. Thinking about them in this way could set them up for an interest – and successful career – in engineering.

You can also help your children work through puzzle books, make different structures, explore nearby surroundings, learn new crafts and keep a tally of the birds that visit the outdoor space near your home.

The Farr Foundation is a charity that supports organisations dedicated to inspiring school-aged children, raising their aspirations through STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) activities. We do this through the provision of grant funding throughout the calendar year.

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