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Earth Day - 22nd April

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

As it’s Earth Day on 22nd April, why not encourage your students to learn about the world around them using their STEM skills and knowledge.

Founded in the United States in 1970, Earth Day encourages people all around the world to focus on environmental issues, green living and how we can confront the climate crisis. Going global in 1990, it’s estimated that over 1 billion people across 190 countries now partake in Earth Day activities on an annual basis as they raise awareness about how precious our world is. The key theme for 2023 is Invest in Our Planet.

Why not add some interactivity to your Earth Day celebrations by trying some of the following activities with your children or students?

Conduct a Waste Audit

This has the bonus of teaching about the importance of recycling – a key part of helping our environment to thrive. Look at all the rubbish generated in your house or class over a week, separatee and count it up and calculate the percentage of each type. After doing this, encourage the children to think about ways it could be reduced further still.

Have a Climate Change lesson

Help children understand the science behind climate change, using the principles of STEM. Show them how it’s affecting the planet and what we can all do to help minimise its effects – from using stainless steel bottles instead of plastic and reusing other items rather than throwing them straight in the bin.

Get planting

Spring is fully in season now so why not sow some seeds and wait for them to bloom later on this summer. You can use this to help explain the importance of photosynthesis and explain how environmental scientists use their knowledge of eco-systems to develop conservation strategies.

Learn about electricity – and how a humble potato can power a battery – with this fun and interactive project.

Children will have fun measuring the circumference of a tree trunk and using this information to calculate its age in years. This will help them understand how to use maths and science to collect key nature data through measurements.

Happy Earth Day!

The Farr Foundation is a charity that supports organisations dedicated to inspiring school-aged children, raising their aspirations through STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) activities. We do this through the provision of grant funding throughout the calendar year.

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