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What is STEM?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

You’ve arrived at The Farr Foundation website and understood our mission to raise the aspirations of young people and inspire the next generation but are you also left wondering what exactly STEM is and how this education can shape our future? Let’s explain...

What is STEM learning?

Playing a key role in the current National Curriculum, STEM aims to educate children and students in four key areas – Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths – by applying their learning into real-life settings. These interactive projects and activities will not only engage every child, including those who are not the most academically gifted, but also prepare them for their later careers.

The UK government states STEM learning is ‘necessary to facilitate economic development, international competitiveness and job creation’. Essentially, what they’re saying is that by focusing on innovation, stimulation and hands-on learning, STEM will help peak children’s interests in a number of key skills that can in turn lead to incredible opportunities in their future.

The opportunities of STEM

Most sectors depend on at least one aspect of STEM and it’s only going to become more prominent in the future as more and more industries realise that so many areas of their business will be built on innovation, invention and problem solving. Due to this, STEM will be a key skill required by all the largest employers in the world. If children can have fun learning about these important subjects now – whether that be through conducting their own science experiment or building something amazing – then they’ll be all set to do great things and make the most of so many incredible opportunities.

STEM learning is designed to equip students with the knowledge and ability to understand and solve a number of complex and evolving changes in dynamic ways. It sparks creativity and curiosity, encourages collaboration and communication and develops cognitive thinking – all key skills in the 21st century/

At The Farr Foundation, we want ALL students to receive an accessible and high-quality STEM education, no matter what their background – including underrepresented, vulnerable and less academically gifted students.

The Farr Foundation is a charity that supports organisations dedicated to inspiring school-aged children, raising their aspirations through STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) activities. We do this through the provision of grant funding throughout the calendar year.

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